Wake-up call for Citroen in China


Citroen arguably had the wrong model line-up for China's dynamic car market. Photo credit - Pixabay


Citroen sales in China fell by an astonishing 47.3 percent in 2017.


That's according to specialist publication Autocar, who report that the company had been increasingly reliant on sales in China after the collapse of the European car market in 2012.

Arguably, Citroen had the wrong model line-up for China's dynamic car market.

Whilst Chinese consumers have been showing increasing interest in electric cars, especially, and also mid-size SUVs, Citroen has been offering a more traditional range of hatchbacks, saloons and estates.

It's not all bad news for the French company, however.

Responding to the changing market, they've focused the new C5 Aircross SUV on China, and grown their dealer network in the country.

This, according to Autocar, has already shown signs of success, with marker share growing by 0.3 percentage points.

There's clearly some way to go, but the news demonstrates just how important China's auto market is to manufacturers from all around the world.

Another car maker having a turbulent time in China is Ford, who recent unveiled a multi-billion dollar investment in a new range of electric vehicles for sale in China, again in response to the demands of local consumers.

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