What’s on in Chinatown: adventures in Hong Kong culture


This week, London’s China Exchange is celebrating all things Hong Kong culture with a free exhibition, food, workshops and talks. Here are a few top picks:

Make a brilliant brew with a milk tea master

Meet your new favourite brew: Hong Kong milk tea. A sweet, tea-latte-like drink, it’s been described as ‘Hong Kong’s most iconic beverage’. And what better way to give it a try than learning to make the perfect cup with a milk tea master? Mok Pui-ling has been honing her technique for almost two decades and became the first international female master of milk tea at international milk tea championships KamCha (yep, that’s a real thing) in 2013.

Get caught up in the drama of Cantonese Opera

Blending music, drama and Chinese legend, Cantonese Opera is a unique art form from Hong Kong. This free workshop with the Ming-Ai Institute will feature a karaoke session where you can hog the mic yourself if you fancy it.

Become a dab hand at dim sum

Chefs from two of Chinatown’s dim sum restaurants, Dumplings’ Legend and Golden Dragon China Town, will be running workshops where you can learn how to make some classic dim sum including siu mai, ha gau and xiaolongbao (check out our Chinese dumplings guide if you want to know more). There will be plenty of tasting opportunities and it’s all free!

The programme runs from 16-24 November at China Exchange. You can see the full listings of events and sign up here.

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