Why 'wonky veg' is here to stay, wherever you live


Mis-shapen fruit and vegetables like this poor tomato have traditionally been shunned by sellers - but not any longer. Photo credit - Pixabay


Supermarkets in the UK have been making a push to sell more 'wonky' fruit and vegetables, albeit at reduced prices.


British supermarkets have been rushing to bring the latest trend in fresh produce to market, and it's not in the form you'd expect.

So-called 'wonky' fruit and vegetables, which don't have the perfect shape that you'd expect, are much more common than you'd think.

Sadly, these have all-too-often been thrown away in the past, despite the fact that they're perfectly edible - they just look weird!

A series of circumstances has led to the rise in the popularity of wonky veg.

Firstly, global prices for lots of fresh produce are rising fast.

As we reported earlier in May, this is especially true for trendy things like avocados and blueberries, demand for which in China is rising especially quickly, at around 250 percent per year.

Secondly, prices in the UK for imported foods are rising as a function of the declining value of the British pound. As these cost rises start to be passed-on to consumers, supermarkets are looking for new ways to offer low-cost products. Fruit and veg which would otherwise be worthless are a perfect solution to the problem.

Ultimately, though, wonky veg is going to become popular wherever you live. As global prices continue to rise, people will surely start to ask how much they actually care if a banana is perfectly straight?! 

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