You're Hired...Or Maybe Not


We may have enjoyed watching hopeful contestants squirm in the boardroom during last night’s final, but two thirds of the nation believe the TV series does an absolute disservice to true apprentices

The programme ultimately implies that having an attitude and being ‘vocal’ is the key to career success, but in reality these are attributes that are more likely to concern employers about a candidate than impress them. What employers want (and apprenticeships encourage) is collaboration, work ethic and the ability to learn – stereotypically not running around the city bartering with shop owners.

New research released today from Arch Apprentices revealed that 60% of viewers believe that the TV programme does a disservice to real apprenticeships by showing them in a negative light, leaving the organisation to question whether the TV show deserves its name at all.


So with another season over, what does this mean for the future of the TV show? Should the show be stripped of its title? Or is it time for Lord Sugar to be fired?

Joining Gerry & Dave was Ben Rowland, Co Founder, Arch Apprentices to give us the low down

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