Yu Sheng: the Chinese New Year dish Londoners have got to try this February


This colourful dish is Yu Sheng: a Chinese New Year dish from Malaysia and Singapore that you can try right here in London.

Chinese New Year is nearly here – and that can only mean lots of amazing food! But did you know that Spring Festival is not only celebrated in China, but in other countries across the world, including Malaysia and Singapore?

Yu Sheng (鱼生) literally means ‘raw fish’ in Chinese, but it’s also a play on words, sharing a pronunciation with yusheng (余升) meaning abundance or plenty. Each ingredient has a special meaning signifying good fortune.

Many Malaysians and Singaporeans eat Yu Sheng as a lucky lunar New Year dish, gathering around the table to throw the ingredients in the air while shouting out New Year wishes and blessings, in a celebration known as ‘lo hei’ or ‘toss high’.

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