Jackie Chan Receives Lifetime Achievement Oscar

CHINA , ENTERTAINMENT September 02, 2016

(Photo: China News) Well renowned Chinese actor Jackie Chan is set to win his first Oscar for his outstanding contribution to film.  The 62 year old will receive the award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science...



China to Build World's Largest Plane with Ukraine

CHINA , EAST MEETS WEST September 02, 2016

China and Ukraine have reached an agreement to build the largest aircraft in the World. The Antonov-225 Mriya was originally designed in the early 1980s as part of the space programme of the Soviet Union. However, only one aircr...



Chinese College Cracks Down on Flushing

THAT'S ODD, CHINA September 02, 2016

A college in Yunnan Province has caused a stir on social media, by announcing plans to crack-down on excessive toilet flushing. According to BBC News, Kunming Health Vocational College came-up with the policy in response to ...



China's Richest Man: Set small targets...of £11m

BUSINESS, CHINA September 01, 2016

(Photo: Wang Jianlin, China News) China's richest man has given some sound advice to budding entrepreneurs, set your targets small... with 11 million pounds.  Wang Jianlin, founder and chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, m...



Chinese Woman Fakes Kidnapping for Secret Boyfriend

THAT'S ODD, CHINA September 01, 2016

A woman in China has faked her own kidnapping to coax money from her husband - after spending all her savings on her boyfriend.  The woman from Tongzi county in Zunyi, Guizhou province sent a recording to her husband from he...





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