China Shuns Bake Off For Making You Fat

CHINA , HEALTH August 25, 2016

(Photo: Pixabay)  There is much talk of fat V thin today - in a recent article we revealed larger people tend to be more generous with their money.  The argument is even extending to the hugely successful Great British...



Big Spenders V Lean is Mean, new study reveals

THAT'S ODD, HEALTH August 25, 2016

(Photo: Pixabay) Lean equals mean - claims a new study on weight and generosity published today, giving new meaning to the phrase 'big spender.' According to Sky News, a lab experiment to test generosity discovered big spenders ...



How a Ring is Saving Women from Attacks

TECHNOLOGY, HEALTH August 24, 2016

(Photo: Nick Marshansky, Nimb) A woman who was stabbed nine times in a horrific attack has created a gadget to protect victims from similar assaults.  Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised £179,478,&...



Body Shammers Target U.S Gymnasts Online

HEALTH August 24, 2016

Body shaming rears its ugly head again as the US Olympic gymnastics team receive negative comments on Twitter.  Simone Biles - who gained five Olympic medals in the Rio games - tweeted the photo including team mates Madison ...



Harsh Punishment for Smoking on Trains in China

CHINA , HEALTH August 17, 2016

(Photo: Pixabay) China's railway provider is imposing harsher punishments for smoking on trains.  The rule was specifically designed for high-speed trains, which abruptly stop when smoking alarms are set off - severely affe...





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