McDonald's Urged to Ban Antibiotic-treated Animals

BUSINESS, HEALTH August 12, 2016

Campaigners are urging McDonald's to cease its use of antibiotic-treated animal products.  Scientists claim treating livestock with antibiotics is breeding drug-resistant superbugs. The fast food giant, which operates ...



Interview: Award-winning Artist on Tattoo Dangers

HEALTH, UK August 12, 2016

Illegal tattooists and home kits are posing life-threatening risks to the public.  That's according to The Local Government Association (LGA) who claim those practicing unlawfully are spreading fatal diseases such as&nb...



Olympians Mysterious Bruises Revealed...

HEALTH August 08, 2016

Why are Olympians sporting round bruises? That's the question many viewers have been asking themselves when athletes such as the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, is stepping out with the mysterious marks. ...



Hero Dog Sniffs out Leukaemia in Toddler

THAT'S ODD, HEALTH August 05, 2016

A pet dog has sniffed out leukaemia in a two year old girl.  Owners of the Border Collie noticed the dog was acting strangely around their daughter, refusing to leave the little girl's side.  The unusual behaviour...



Young People having Less Sex than their Parents

HEALTH, UK August 03, 2016

A study has revealed that millennials are having less sex than their parents had at the same age. That's according to The Washington Post, which cites the analysis by the 'Archive of Sexual Behaviour' journal. Apparently, some 1...





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