Hero Dog Sniffs out Leukaemia in Toddler

THAT'S ODD, HEALTH August 05, 2016

A pet dog has sniffed out leukaemia in a two year old girl.  Owners of the Border Collie noticed the dog was acting strangely around their daughter, refusing to leave the little girl's side.  The unusual behaviour...



Young People having Less Sex than their Parents

HEALTH, UK August 03, 2016

A study has revealed that millennials are having less sex than their parents had at the same age. That's according to The Washington Post, which cites the analysis by the 'Archive of Sexual Behaviour' journal. Apparently, some 1...



China Unleashes 3 Million Mosquitoes to Wipe Out Zika

HEALTH August 02, 2016

China has created a 'mosquito factory' to wipe out deadly viruses such as Zika and Dengue.  Reuters reports, scientists at the laboratory in Southern China release 3 million of the pests infected with bacteria on a two mile ...



Ice Bucket Challenge Leads to Major Breakthrough

HEALTH July 27, 2016

Viral craze, The Ice Bucket Challenge, has helped fund a major breakthrough for motor neurone disease.  Money from the charity challenge, which involves the public and celebrities pouring buckets of icy water over their head...



Russian track and field banned from Rio Olympics

HEALTH July 21, 2016

Russian track and field athletes are officially banned from the Rio Olympics, following a court ruling today. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) ruled the ban would stand after the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and 68 Rus...





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