China to Build Hypersonic Space Plane

TECHNOLOGY, CHINA August 12, 2016

The world's first hypersonic space plane is being designed in China. That's according to Popular Science, who report that the aircraft could be in operation by 2030 and will revolutionise travel to and from space. Let's start wi...



NASA Blunder Results in Priceless Artefact Sold

TECHNOLOGY, THAT'S ODD August 11, 2016

NASA admits it sold a "national treasure", the bag used during the moon landing, by mistake.  A clerical error lead the Apollo 11 artefact into the hands of Nancy Carlson from Illinois for just $995 (around £700), Sky ...



Beijing Tesla Crash Leads to New Concerns

TECHNOLOGY, CHINA August 11, 2016

A recent crash involving Tesla's Autopilot function in Beijing has led to renewed concerns about the technology. The Financial Times reports that the crashed into a Volkswagen that was illegally parked on the motorway in the inci...



Chinese Moon Rover Lasts 10 times its Lifespan

TECHNOLOGY, CHINA August 05, 2016

China's moon rover 'Jade Rabbit' has died after 31 months in space, far out-living its expected lifespan of 3 months. The vehicle had been on the moon since December 2013, and made China the third Country in the World to have lan...



Tesla Under Fire Again Following Crash in China

TECHNOLOGY August 05, 2016

Tesla's self-driving car has come under fire again - following reports of a crash in China.  China Daily claims the driver involved enabled his autopilot and took his hands off the wheel before the accident in Beijing. ...





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