Extreme Camping!

THAT'S ODD, CHINA , TRAVEL July 18, 2016

For those who thought camping was for the dull over fifties - check this adrenaline inducing venture in China.  Over 100 backpackers have taken to Laojun Mountain in Luoyang, Henan province, to camp on a cliff edge.&nbs...



Crossword turns out to be £70,000 Artwork

THAT'S ODD July 18, 2016

In an incident that will bring smiles to the faces of modern art sceptics everywhere, an elderly woman has filled-out a crossword at a museum in Germany... only to discover that it was in fact an artwork worth nearly £70,000...



Man Banned From Public Swearing

THAT'S ODD, UK July 15, 2016

(photo: Thinkstock)   A man from Cornwall faces jail if he swears in public anywhere in the UK. That's according to The Mirror, who report that David Bellman from Bodmin in Cornwall has verbally abused passers-by so often,...



Trans-Siberian Sex Ends Badly

THAT'S ODD July 15, 2016

Of all the places you could choose to spend a night of passion... a railway line in Siberia cannot be high on the list. So it's a little mystifying that a couple were doing exactly that in the town of Ulan Ude, on the Trans-Siber...



Can You Split the World's Trickiest Restaurant Bill?

THAT'S ODD, CHINA July 12, 2016

(photo: Digital Vision / iStock / Thinkstock)   Most people have a friend that doesn't quite pay their fair share when it comes to the bill, and lines like 'but I only had a poppadom' will surely be familiar. If that ...





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