Burkini Row Causes 'Riot' at Corsica Beach

THAT'S ODD August 15, 2016

A row over a photograph - and a burkini - has sparked a 'riot' on the island of Corsica. The incident happened on Sunday afternoon in the village of Sisco, when a tourist took an image of some women bathing in burkinis. Acc...



To Have and To Gold... Proposal at Medal Ceremony

THAT'S ODD, CHINA August 15, 2016

Chinese swimmer He Zi was already celebrating after winning Silver in the women's three metre springboard at the Olympic Games on Sunday. Then, her boyfriend Qin Kai (who is also a medal winner) made the celebrations ev...



Drone the size of Insect to tackle Terror

TECHNOLOGY, THAT'S ODD August 12, 2016

A drone the size of an insect is being developed by the army to tackle terror plots.  The dragon-fly drone is the latest piece of kit from the military as a surveillance weapon in the war on terror.  The eavesdropping ...



Judo Champ Meets Ultimate Match & It's Not His Opponent..

THAT'S ODD August 12, 2016

A Belgian Olympic judo champ met his ultimate match yesterday... a hotel receptionist.  A brawl broke out last night when Dirk Van Tichelt, who won bronze at the games on Monday, mistakenly thought a hotel was harbourin...



Extraordinary Hospital Mix Up in China

THAT'S ODD, CHINA August 12, 2016

This must be the most extraordinary case of a hospital mix up ever reported... A father-to-be, who was anxiously waiting for his wife to give birth in hospital, accidentally underwent a haemorrhoid operation in a mix-up by C...





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