ITV to Encourage Sports... by Stopping Broadcasts

THAT'S ODD, UK August 18, 2016

ITV has come-up with a bizarre way to encourage viewers to participate in sports. It's decided to stop broadcasting across all seven ITV channels for one hour on 27th August. The idea of the initiative - organised in partnership...



Every Billionaire Wants... to Play Polo

THAT'S ODD, CHINA August 18, 2016

We've all thought about the question - 'what would you do if you had a billion pounds?' I'd pay-off my student loan and then use the £10 change to buy 10 ice creams. Gerry Edwards - host of East Meets West on Sino...



China Cracks Down on Selling Hospital Appointments

THAT'S ODD, CHINA August 17, 2016

Beijing's Public Security Bureau will crack down on a practice known as 'scalping' - where people book hospital appointments in order to sell them at a profit. That's according to Shanghai Daily, who report that the problem ...



Revealed - why most 'Netizens' seem to be Chinese

THAT'S ODD, CHINA August 16, 2016

We've noticed the term 'netizen' - used to describe an internet user - appear more and more regularly in international news reports over the last few years.  Puzzingly, the word seems to be employed to describe Chi...



Woman Survives 38 hours in Sea After Falling From Ship

THAT'S ODD, CHINA August 15, 2016

(Photo: Pixabay) A woman who who fell from a cruise ship has miraculously survived after 38 hours at sea.  The 32 year old from Shanghai reportedly told her father that while lost at sea she even managed to fall asleep.&nbs...





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