Young People having Less Sex than their Parents

HEALTH, UK August 03, 2016

A study has revealed that millennials are having less sex than their parents had at the same age. That's according to The Washington Post, which cites the analysis by the 'Archive of Sexual Behaviour' journal. Apparently, some 1...



Brexit Creates 'Perfect Ecosystem' for Fraud

BUSINESS, UK August 02, 2016

Experts have suggested that the UK's vote to leave the European Union has created the 'perfect ecosystem' for fraud. That's according to AOL News, who cite analysts at KPMG. They've discovered that the total cost of fraud in the...



Gin Bar Builds Cage to Stop Mobile Phone Use

THAT'S ODD, UK August 02, 2016

The owner of a gin bar in Hove has taken a novel approach to preventing customers from using their phones - by stopping them working altogether! According to Sky News, Steve Tyler of the Gin Tub constructed a Faraday cage - which...



Inside Great Britain's Smallest House

THAT'S ODD, UK August 01, 2016

Great Britain's smallest house is a 3.8 metre long and 1.8 metre wide cottage on the quay in Conwy, North Wales. I decided to brave the queues, pictured below, and take a peak inside. It's worth mentioning that, whilst the que...



Most Expensive Places for UK Students To Live

EDUCATION, UK July 29, 2016

A report has revealed the most expensive places in the UK for students to study and live.  Oxford and Cambridge were high on the list but Scottish capital, Edinburgh has come out top as the most dear city, claims a stud...





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