Warning for Brits as Zika discovered in Kent

CHINA, HEALTH, UK October 20, 2016

(Photo: Asian Tiger Mosquito/Pixabay) A mosquito with eggs that could potentially transmit Zika has been discovered for the very first time in United Kingdom.  The eggs were discovered near Folkestone in Kent, south-east En...



British Micro-Computer in China Link-up

BUSINESS, CHINA, UK October 19, 2016

(Photo: Pixabay) A British-made mini-computer is to be sold across the world and you too can make your own - as the devices' blueprints are being offered up for all to see.  The Micro Bit Educational Foundation is ensu...



Europe's Red Planet Race while China Lands in Space

TECHNOLOGY, CHINA, UK October 19, 2016

(Main photo: Mars Probe/Pixabay) Europe is preparing to send a probe to Mars in the next few hours.  The European Space Agency (Esa) plans to launch robot Schiaparelli on a a 500 million km journey to reach the re...



Burberry's boost thanks to Chinese Buyers

BUSINESS, CHINA, UK October 18, 2016

Luxury British brand Burberry has seen a hike in profits thanks to tourists from China taking advantage of the weakening pound.  The UK's exit from the European Union bore witness to the pound plummeting to a thirty year low...



London Police in largest body-worn camera operation

UK, LONDON LIFE October 17, 2016

(Photo: Pixabay) The UK's Metropolitan Police Service is set to roll out the world's largest-scale operation of body-worn cameras in the force.  The overhaul has already been trialled for almost a year across 10 London boro...





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