LEGO Marvel's Avengers Review

UK January 29, 2016

LEGO games have always been a fun experience and is one of the few exceptions to the “movie and video game tie-ins don’t work” rule. I have played a fair few of the LEGO games (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO...



Gerry Makes Some Friends!

UK January 28, 2016

In a weird and unremarkable turn of events Gerry has made some friends (finally) while presenting live from the studio in New Zealand. Say Hello to Emily and Sam from Soul radio, Gerry's studio neighbours with a very interesting s...



First Simpsons Megastore to Open in China

UK January 27, 2016

For the first day of 'Where the Haka is Gerry?' the Breakfast team talk about news becoming big in New Zealand. One story that is proving popular with the Kiwis is about the first ever Simpsons megastore opening in China, just a c...



One two three ... testing ...

UK January 26, 2016

'Where the Haka is Gerry?' is about the kick off here on the Breakfast Show and to tease ahead Miri and Gerry decide to get reacquainted with one another on air. For the first time on SINO two studios from across the world are bei...



Chiswick House and the Magical Lantern Festival

UK January 20, 2016

Well as I'm sure you've realised it's almost Chinese New Year or as they call it Spring Festival, this is the most important time in the Chinese calendar and as more and more people from China begin to choose the UK and in particu...





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