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Your China Business News

News September 22,2016

With China and the USA being at the top of the world in terms of economic growth, influence and status, perhaps it is no surprise that China's Premier Li's current four day visit to New York is helping to push forward China-U...



China Business News

News September 14,2016

Today's top stories:  It's not just the U.K that has had a hot few weeks, China's power industry has benefited from above average temperatures this year. According to official data published on the 14th September, China saw a...



China Business News

News September 12,2016

We hear it so many times, the word bilateral. So what does bilateral really mean in the business sense?. I'll tell you......two sides that agree to facilitate and encourage business from both sides to undertake joint ventures and ...



Today is "Hug Your Boss Day"

News September 09,2016

Yes....there really is a day especially for your boss and today (9th September) is it.  We have Mother's day and Father's day, so why not have a day to celebrate your boss.  Now, I'm not naïve enough to kn...



Households waste £700 a year on throwing food away

News September 08,2016

On yesterday's Drivetime show we spoke to Dr. Richard Swannell (Director of Sustainable Food Systems) & Paul Crew (Head of Sustainability at Sainsbury's) about how we can all make efforts to waste less food and save money. ...



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