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Aleesha’s Top Tipples

News April 25,2017

(Photo: pinterest)  3-2-1...No it is not the return of the 80s gameshow hosted by Ted Rogers and starring Dusty Bin, it is in fact the recipe to make the classic coral-coloured cocktail Aperol Spritz.   Created in 191...



A State of Mind: Mental Health and the London Marathon

News April 22,2017

With the London Marathon just days away, many are wondering what the links are between the race and raising mental health awareness. Many runners often run in sponsorship with a charity of their choice in order to raise money for...



Douglas Carswell steps down as MP of Clacton

News April 20,2017

The independent (and former UKIP) MP Douglas Carswell has announced that he will not stand in the upcoming general election. Instead, the MP has traded his role to back the Tory party come 8th June. He quit UKIP last month despi...



Aleesha's Top Tipples

News April 19,2017

(Picture: Koko Kanu) Do you like Pina Coladas and dancing in the rain?   Well then this weeks top tipple will be right up your street.   Fresh from the sunshine soaked and reef lined beaches of Jamaica, Koko Kanu of...



First ever Victory for Chinese team Ho-Pin Tung

News April 19,2017

The Jota-Run Jackie Chan DC Racing ORECA-Gibson group took the lead and made history as the first-ever Chinese team, to win a FIA WEC Race at Silverstone Circuit. Ho-Pin Tung also was the first-ever Chinese driver to win.  ...



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