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The 11th Summit of the G20 meets

News September 05,2016

The 11th Summit of the G20 major economies is expected to open a new path for growth and more efficient global economic governance, international experts have said. The Summit is being held in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou ...



So who are the G20?

News September 02,2016

(Photo: Pixabay) With the latest G20 summit about to start in China next week, it's probably a good time to let the uninitiated know who and what the G20 is all about.  The G20 (or Group of Twenty) i...



China Business Update "it's all about G20"

News September 01,2016

As the G20 summit approaches, A Chinese central bank official has said that China has worked closely with other G20 members in the fields of macroeconomic policy coordination, innovative growth and more effective global economic a...



What does "Free Trade" actually mean ?

News September 01,2016

As China announces the establishment of seven new free trade zones across the country, it brings into focus the recent discussions about "Brexit" and the U.K retaining its ability to have free trade with other European U...



The world looks to China for leadership at G20 summit

News August 31,2016

To be a good leader, you need to be forward thinking, have the ability to make and implement change, but most importantly have the support of those around you.  It is therefore no surprise that policy watchers worldwide ...



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