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UK Travel company Skyscanner sold to Chinese Ctrip for £1.4 billion

News November 25,2016

On Wednesday, in his autumn statement, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond said that he was setting up a venture capital fund worth £400 million to "tackle the longstanding problem of our fastest growing technology fi...



"Hard Brexit Now" Protesters Demand

News November 23,2016

Cries of “Theresa May, don’t delay, we want Brexit right away” echoed around Westminster earlier. The official invitation for the event said: “June 23rd we made history. 5 months on and its time for all B...



Daimler executive ‘used pepper spray’ in Beijing dispute

News November 23,2016

Daimler, the German motor manufacturer, has had to make a public apology, and move one of its senior executives, after he got involved in a heated dispute near his home in Beijing. The boss of the company’s truck and bus di...



Harry Potter Producer Teams-up with Alibaba

News November 23,2016

The joint effort will focus on a story about wild cats. Are you thinking lions and tigers? You're in for a surprise! Photo credit - Pixabay Celebrated British film producer David Heyman (Paddington, Gravity, and all of the H...



China 'Best Example' of Developed Country for Africans

News November 23,2016

The data shows that many Africans regard China (pictured) as a 'best example' of a developed country. Photo Credit - Pixabay A survey of people living in three African countries has revealed that people look very favourably upon ...



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