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Shanghai Shenhua's Hongkou Stadium damaged by fire

News March 30,2017

(Pic: Pixabay) Chinese Super League club, Shanghai Shenhua, have had their home ground damaged by a fire in the last few days. Fortunately no-one was injured.   The fire hit the Hongkou Stadium on Tuesday, with dramatic pi...



Sino from Spain: Members of public interviewed about Brexit

News March 30,2017

(Photo - Aleesha Hansel: Beach in Mojacar, Spain) Prime Minister Theresa May has today evoked Article 50 marking the beginning of a two-year period in which Britain will negotiate terms to leave the European Union.  At 12.3...



Ready Player One?

News March 27,2017

  Ready Player One is coming to cinema screens, and it's going to be interactive and in 3D!   HTC Vive and Warner Bros. Pictures announced today a strategic partnership in which HTC Vive will be the exclusive VR ...



Anjula Devi talks food and Mother's Day

News March 25,2017

Kavita caught up with Anjula Devi to talk food, family, Mother's Day, and that bit of magic in the kitchen. If you're new to hearing about Anjula's amazing recipes, you're in for a treat.  Anjula owns her own Indian cat...



Marine who shot Taliban fighter to be re-sentenced

News March 24,2017

(Photo: Press Association) The re-sentencing of a marine who was charged with shooting a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan was postponed in London today.   Royal Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman, previously known as Marine ...



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