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A cool, calm daytime show that updates news of the day, current events, and discusses cultural activities across Britain.

Kavita takes a look at the latest in the UK, London, and China’s latest updates: the big issues, trending subjects, sport, urgent travel updates, and live crossovers to events and interviews around the city.

The show has mixed modern music to help you through the office day with an informed and entertaining overall style.


Preparation for Black Friday: How To Bag A Bargain This Christmas

News October 25,2017

As much as we might try to deny it, or avoid it, or stick our fingers in our ears and forget Christmas exists. And none of us want to spend loads when we can get a deal or bargain.   Christmas is exactly two months away! Bu...



Uber set to lose its London license

News September 22,2017

After recent criticism of Uber, Transport for London(TfL) have decided not to renew Uber’s license to operate in London. The service’s current deal expires after Saturday 30th September. In Tfl’s statement they ...



Our own Kavita Kukar is up for Radio Presenter of the Year at the Asian Media Awards

News September 21,2017

The Sino team is delighted to announce that our own Day Show presenter Kavita is a finalist for the Asian Media Awards, Radio Presenter of the Year award.   Announced earlier this evening at the ITV London Studios Kavita is...



France on strike

News September 12,2017

  Later today workers from across France will take to the streets in what is being hailed as a nationwide general strike.   Organised by The CGT, or Confédération générale du travail, Franc...



Emancipation Day reparations March from Brixton to Westminster

News August 01,2017

The annual Afrikan Emancipation Day reparations March from Brixton to Westminster will be held today. The event which takes place to try and force the government to pay reparations for work carried out by their ancestors during ...



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